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hill any minute now. the only questions he's answering today will be about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >> your commute is about to get faster, but for a price. fox5 morning news at 7 :00 starts right now. here's a live look outside. plenty of clouds out there this morning. as you are likely used to now, another cool start to the day. this is friday, yea, november 16th. good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm alison seymour. it has been a long week. before we get to the weather and traffic we have breaking developments in the amber alert issued overnight in virginia. the search had been on for 18- month-old alexis rose carwile and her mother, jennifer dawn carwile. you see their pictures there. we've just learned they have been located in prince george's
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county, maryland and that they are safe. authorities had believed they were in d.c. in the area, because of this man. he is eric eugene black which they were originally traveling with. all three went missing yesterday afternoon, but investigators quickly learned black had relatives in the d.c. area. black was pulled over by virginia state police on i-95 south of richmond around 4:30 this morning. again, an 18-month-old girl and her mother who had been the subject of an amber alert have been found safe in prince george's county. good news there. we turn to tucker barnes, he's going to tell us what we can expect for our forecast for today. >> good morning. off to a cool start today. temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. you saw the cloud cover in the live shot. lot of sunshine for your day and slightly warmer
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temperatures. good news forecast. reagan national now, 43 degrees. dulles, 38. bwi marshall 38. let me ion, north and west in the mountains temperatures at or below freezing. we have cold temperatures not too far away. look at our radar, got a couple of light showers south and east of town. st.mary's city and across the bay, oxford, a couple of light showers. all of this associated with a disturbance overnight. the back side of it, even the cloud cover is to the south and west of washington. when it gets out of here, should be a beautiful afternoon and a little warmer than yesterday, with highs in the mid-50s. chilly start. nice afternoon. 53degrees at 5:00 p.m. more details on the weekend and a sneak peek at next week, holiday week, coming up. let's get the latest on traffic. >> the crew in skyfox hanging with us checking out eastbound along 66 where we had the
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incident east of nutley. it's tying up that green arrow lane traveling inbound towards the capitol beltway. delays forming near nutley towards the beltway. 66 traffic congested, exiting from centreville headed eastbound towards fair oaks and delays. southbound 270 coming in out of germantown headed towards the lane divide, about 40 minutes. this is with all the lanes open. no other issues reported for those on the beltway between college park and bethesda. accident near edsel road. stay to the left to get by. northbound 395 at the 14th street bridge, no issues reported now. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic.
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classified hearings this morning. former cia director petraeus giving testimony this morning at 8:30. >> today's testimony is not about the extramarital affair that cost him his job. lawmakers want to know what they can tell them about the deadly u.s. consulate attack in libya. as doug luzader reports now, they'll ask if his testimony matches other top officials'. >> reporter: this is all going to be behind closed doors ns about his personal life, today the questions are going to focus on the benghazi attack and specifically whether the petraeus version of events matches what we heard again and again from u.s. ambassador to the united nations susan rice in the aftermath. former cia director david petraeus has been here on capitol hill time and time again. but today before the senate and
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house intelligence committee is shrouded in secrecy. he may have a blow by blow attack on what happened in benghazi, libya, that led to the death of four americans, including the u.s. ambassador. >> director petraeus went to the people, as i understood it, that were involved. so the opportunity to get his views, i think are very -- is very important. >> reporter: this comes after a day of hearings yesterday into the benghazi attack. most closed to the public, but one was open. and much of the focus is on u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan rice, who back in september appeared on five sunday morning talk shows with the same talking points, the attacks she said appear to be the work of protestors, not terrorists as it now appears. the implication at the height of campaign season, the president did not want to be responsible for a terrorist attack. >> the arrogance and dishonesty reflected in all of this is
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breathtaking. >> these unfair attacks on r susan rice are simply wrong. she had to rely on the intelligence that was provided. >> reporter: the hearings this morning begin after dawn, that is very unusual here in washington. it's possible we may not even catch a glimpse of david petraeus. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. we're just getting reports of an explosion in israel's biggest city after air raid sirens went off. another rocket was fired from gaza this morning sending people running for bomb shelters in tel aviv. 500 rockets rained down on israel in wednesday killing three. israel responded with 150 air strikes targeting militants. so far, two palestinians reported dead. appears a ground war could be
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looming. israel is moving ground troops towards the border. some 30,000 reservists have been called up. the looming fiscal cliff takes center stage at the white house today. president obama will meet with leaders of both parties from the house and the senate this morning to start talks on avoiding those automatic tax hikes and deep spending cuts. then this afternoon the president will sit down with the heads of 13 civil rights groups to get their input on a negotiation. tony? we are on traffic watch in virginia this morning, where the 495 express lanes are set to open. today is the big day, and fox 5's sherri ly is live in tysons corner with a preview. sherri? >> reporter: tony, everyone knows the beltway is notorious for its gridlock. but that ride is about to become smoother either late tonight or early tomorrow morning, the express lanes here will open up.
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come monday when it's bumper-to- bumper on the beltway, the express lanes should keep drivers who pay moving. the $2 billion project stretches 14 miles from springfield to the american legion bridge, with exits and entrances along the way. prices will be based on congestion and how far you travel. the more cars using the lanes, the higher the price, average of five to six dollars during rush hour. drivers will need an easy pass transponder, carpoolers with three or more people who drive for free must have an easy pass flex, which has a switch to avoid paying the toll. they'll be on the lookout for cheaters trying to get a free ride. >> everybody needs the easy pass flex if they want the toll free trip. we have a partnership with the police and they'll be out enforcing the hov 3 rules. >> reporter: what's the
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penalty? >> similar to other hov facilities. can be up to a thousand with subsequent violations. >> reporter: if you think the express lane prices are steep, the fines for cheating are even steeper. signs are posted with the pricing at every entrance into the express lanes, and once you're in those lanes, that price will not change. we do have more information on what you need to know on our web site, while the average rush hour trip is supposed to be between five and six dollars, if you're going the full 14 miles, it could be higher. that's the latest here in tysons corner, back to you. a check of the other top stories now, a bowie state university student found not guilty in the death of her roommate.
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she was acquitted of all seven charges in the stabbing death. simpson pled self-defense, saying she was bullied by frazier. there were mixed emotions last night. >> we have a young woman, a beautiful young college student who is dead, whose neck was split. we have another young women who has experienced this as well. there are no winners. >> she is tremendously remorseful for this incident. it's affected her emotionally in ways you can only imagine. >> simpson's attorneys say she'll resume her studies at a different school. former washington mystics star chamique holdsclaw is facing assault charges. atlanta police say she shot into an ex-girlfriend's car tuesday after using a bat to break the windows.
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no one was hurt. she and the alleged victim jennifer lacy were teammates in atlanta in 2009. lacy currently plays for the tulsa shock. in prince georges county, a silver alert for a missing elderly woman. she is 90 years old and was last seen wednesday afternoon in the 4900 block of eastern avenue in maryland. she was driving a 2005 toyota corolla tags with 763bfa. she was wearing a dark coat with a purse. her family is concerned she doesn't have her blood pressure medicine. a tragic crash in texas leaves four to be treated to a deer
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hunting trip. 17 others injured, six remain hospitalized this morning. bp has agreed to pay over $4 billion for the oil spill in the gulf of mexico two years ago. a rig explosion that killed 11 triggered the spill which turned out to be the largest in
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history. in addition, three bp employees were charged, two of them, with manslaughter. the company has so far set aside $42 billion to pay fines and damages resulting from the spill and that amount may grow. attorney general eric holder says the settlement is the latest step in the ongoing efforts to seek justice. 7:13 now. we are following breaking news involving the future of the company that makes twinkies and cupcakes. that is after the break. >> also coming up, there is a new tourist destination in florida, and it has something to do with the petraeus sex scandal. >> and looking for an extra boost of energy? why some say you should think twice before downing a bottle of 5-hour energy or another popular drink. details about a federal investigation next. >> also, he is the latest celebrity to get the madam tussaud's treatment. we'll tell you what steven
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colbert is doing in d.c. today. wow. >> as we take you to the break, live look outside. the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie, that's next.
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p risis,h
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the home of the woman linked to the scandal involving former cia director david petraeus and his mistress has become a must see for the tourists and local residents have been flocking to jill kelly's house in tampa, florida, to take pictures or wait for a glimpse of the socialite herself. i know we're not supposed to do this now. i have been to tampa and driven down there, because i'm like, lock at these beautiful homes and, you know, you understand the curiosity. i wouldn't seek it out, you know. >> it's a house. >> how about if you're in tampa? >> still wouldn't go. what's the point?
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it's a house. >> everybody has a camera. >> what you got for us? >> cold this morning. little cloudy. we'll be in for a mostly sunny day and back in the 50s. >> and it's the day of the goddess love, so who cares it's friday. >> learn something new. >> fascinating. that was from ask tony and tucker earlier. we learned all about today. >> really interesting. >> 43 now in washington. still cold west. 31 pittsburgh. 30 in columbus. 38 this morning in new york city. still have this cold chunk of air and area of high pressure to our north. that will be a good thing, because it will give us clearing skies shortly. few light showers south and east of the city. southern maryland, st. mary's city, might encounter a light shower or across the bay into st. michaels. few light sprinkles early. upper level disturbance moving through quickly. should move north and east, and
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you can see into the west now where we're getting clearing skies and that means lots of sunshine shortly. i think by 9:00, 10:00 this morning, should be mostly sunny and bright and beautiful afternoon. 54 today. weekend forecast generally looking good. 54 tomorrow. sunday, partly sunny. redskins and d.c. united. will not be raining, but clouds sunday afternoon. monday cloudy. most of next week looks quiet. traveling tuesday and wednesday, thursday looks good, too, for thanksgiving. >> thanks, tuck. >> let's go to julie wright now. >> good morning, tony, allison, tucker. you'll find traffic volume increasing and starting to slow northbound i-95 at dale city continuing to woodbridge. delays due to the crash, tying up the commute northbound at edsel road. stay to the left. 395 no issues on the 14th street bridge. 295 slowing towards the naval rch lab, 31 miles per
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hour. below speed at 25 miles per hour to the inbound 11th street bridge. inbound new york avenue traffic lights delays northeast to northwest. southbound 270 from 85 to rockville, 40 minutes at this time. that's with all lanes open. tough for those across the 14th street bridge. earlier incident stopped mid- span. it's cleared. slow traffic leaving the beltway to king street and over the potomac. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. thank you. we have breaking news to report concerning hostess, the legendary snack food and ead maker. the company announced a few minutes ago it will begin to wine down operations. >> no! >> it asked a bankruptcy court for permission to close its business and sell off its brands. this is the result, they say of a strike that's been ongoing regarding bakers. they claim their contract cuts wages and benefits.
7:21 am
hostess says bakery operations has been suspended at all plants. delivery will continue until it runs out of products. this could result in the loss of 20,000 jobs. >> wow. i know we're not supposed to get involved in the news stories, but as someone who loves delicious snack cakes, please work this out. >> and i don't want to see them unemployed. >> neither do i. holly is strolling through a whimsical forest of trees and gingerbread homes. details about a weekend celebration for kids and adults and all for a good cause. 7:21. we'll be right back.
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they're a hit among high school and college students -- i'm sorry, craziness going on here. who think they need a boost to stay awake. >> the fda says no link has been proven, but if government investigators determine drinks
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like 5-hour energy have contributed to or caused any of the deaths that have been reported to the fda, it may order those popular energy shots off the market. fox5's bob barnard with more now. >> reporter: the fda investigation comes three weeks after we told you about the death of a 14-year-old of hagerstown. she died from cardiac arrhythmia. her family says she drank two 24-ounce monster energy drinks in it's 24 hours before she died. and had a genetic disorder that can weaken blood vessels. her mother -- >> it's just something that you never want to go through. >> reporter: the fda says it's now investigating reports of five deaths possibly linked to monster energy drink, another 13 to a product called 5-hour energy. >> i'd say most of my drinks take them, like often. they really help us stay awake studying, you know if i have a paper the night before i'll
7:26 am
drink some. >> reporter: we spoke to students at gw, where the starbucks was jam packed. this is a coffee generation that also loves its caffeinated energy drinks. >> i don't know, i'm really used to caffeine, like diet coke and coffee. i need the extra jolt. i need the 5-hour energy or monster to stay awake. >> reporter: the energy shots come in small bottles and can be found in your neighborhood pharmacy. the fda says it's investigating 92 patient reports, including 33 hospitalzations related to 5- hour energy, adding, if we find a relationship between consumption of the product and harm, fda will take appropriate action to reduce or eliminate the risk. >> even though it says drinking one bottle per day is okay, it's not for me. >> reporter: he says he just got out of the hospital after an adverse reaction to 5-hour
7:27 am
energy. >> i suffered headaches and heart palpitations. i felt awful, sweating. i'm very fatigued now, actually. >> reporter: the fda warning makes clear these energy drinks aren't a substitute for drink and anybody considering taking one of those products first consult a physician. you might have an underlying health concern. >> different people react to things differently. allergens don't affect all people the same way, and energy drinks similarly don't react to people's bodies equally. >> bob barnard reporting for us. up next, indepth look into what's ahead for former cia director david petraeus as he gets ready to answer questions on the attack in benghazi. >> the redskins taking on the eagles and d.c. united continues its playoff run. sports breakfast is coming up after the break. 7:27. we'll be back.
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this year, america's privately-owned freight railroads plan to spend $23 billion on their network. that's like building 4 nat's stadiums, 5 wilson bridges, and 8 dc convention centers...all in one year. and not a penny of it comes from taxpayers.
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this year, america's privately-owned freight railroads plan to spend $23 billion on their network. that's like launching 4 mars rovers, 10 gps satellites, and 20 space shuttles ...all in one year. and not a penny of it comes from taxpayers. the redskins host the eagles this sunday with a new approach. back from the bye week. they're looking at the last seven games almost like a new season, hoping to correct the issues from the first nine
7:31 am
games. michael vick will not be playing. d.c. united takes the field this sunday for the second leg of the eastern conference finals. to advance to the finals, they need to score at least two goals sunday. kickoff is set for 4:00 p.m. at rfk stadium. do they have to -- this is going to sound like an ignorant question -- >> there are no ignorant questions. >> do they have to score two goals ask win or -- >> no, they need a two goal differential. they need to win and by at least two goals. >> i see. >> 2-1 is not enough. >> that's tough. >> i know. >> but they can do it. >> yeah, they can do it. >> yeah. >> they have the greatest fans in all of soccer. good turnout. weather will cooperate. you know, i think they can do it. >> speaking of the weather. >> yeah, i'm going to do that right now. thanks, tony. >> don't get him started. >> really, i have to keep moving. tony is a task master today.
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>> they keep telling us, we got to go. >> let's go to the map before i get in trouble. sunny skies return. they're back. not at the moment. i know, you're looking out the window and saying what sunny skies? they'll be here shortly. coming up 95 and traffic is a little bit heavy. 43 now in washington. 41 in leonardtown. i hear you laughing at that, tony. 28 in martinsburg and winchester. it's cold, particularly north and west, temperatures below freezing. in town, we'll rebound into the low to mid-50s. warmer than yesterday. mix in the sunshine, and it's going to be a decent day. one or two showers here. southern maryland pushing across the bay, towards easton. upper level disturbance overnight. we're on the back edge of it. and in central virginia towards charlottesville. working up 29, clear skies. we have the cloudiness at the moment. i'd say in the next hour or so,
7:33 am
breaking out into sun. high pressure will deliver close to a perfect friday and saturday. sunday fsunday afternoon, little coastal storm here will work up the coast, and it won't bring us rain, but clouds towards us. we'll have partly sunny conditions for sunday. 54 today. mostly sunny. still cool. wind north at 5 to 10. that's a little cool for this time of year. there's your weekend forecast. 54 saturday. 53, partly sunny sunday. early next week, if you're traveling, things look fine locally for traveling. thanksgiving, sunshine, upper 50s. let's get the latest from julie wright. >> every time you show the turkey i get hungry. >> yeah, i can't wait. >> on the roads now, we have some problems to report. this crash involving a pedestrian, police activity here tying up a portion of randolph road east of
7:34 am
connecticut avenue at dalewood. follow their direction. typical slowdown, 95 getting past coalsville road. nothing out of the ordinary there. 66 coming out of manassas, well below speed at 38 miles per hour headed eastbound to centreville. all of the lanes here are open. traveling northbound on i-95, no issues reported. reports of an incident at davis port road, northbound i-95. authorities checking for an incident here. backlick road, towards 95, all lanes are open. outer loop slowing approaching boulevard, past colesville room. inner loop, no tieups now to college park and towards greenbelt. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. thank you. u.s. intelligence officials testifying before congress about the deadly september 11th attack in benghazi, libya. former cia director general
7:35 am
petraeus is scheduled to appear in a closed session today before the house intelligence committee. a lot going on. joining us now two times in one week i believe, jj green, national security correspondent for wtop. jj is busy, everybody is busy and the world is very busy. i want to start, though, with general petraeus and his testimony today. what do we expect to hear from him? >> they want to know what he was thinking, what he was planning, what the process was. they also want to hear what he thought was going on, and how his people fed him the information, what they fed him and what they were recommending he do. they also need to know if his mind was on the job. if his mind was plugged in. that typically is yes when you start talking about david petraeus, but the david petraeus that's up there today is different from the david petraeus that was up there the last time. >> that's interesting, because i was relieved not to have to
7:36 am
talk about his personal down fall, if you will, but you can't help but talk about it. >> well, a part of it is this, can they believe what he says, after this affair situation, that's the reason why it's such a complicated matter. because being in the position he's in, and having had this affair, people will question his judgment. they will question whether or not he's going to be honest. if he wasn't honest with his wife, will he be honest with the government? back to we have the real serious issue, they also want to know how the cia is positioned to deal with this kind of thing and what he would say would be reflective of what their preparations were like, who was where, who knew what, and how they handled what they knew and whether or not it can be done in a timely fashion, and also, are you seeing something and then not calling it what it is because you don't recognize it for what it is, or are you doing something other than that? and that's something real serious that i'm sure the folks
7:37 am
on the hill will want to ask about. >> we have reported earlier that also looking specifically to see whether his version matches what the u.s. ambassador to the u.n., susan rice, what she was saying in the days or so after this attack. it got heated yesterday in this hearing with the president being called really, a liar, saying he lied, that susan rice lied. how do you put that against what happened yesterday? >> well, in my report yet on wtop, talking to some of the folks that were in these hearings and talking with folks since then, two things came out, when they first found out about what was going on in benghazi, it looked to be a random gathering that got out of control at the main complex in benghazi. but they also learned something else, that there was second separate attack on the annex, which appeared to have
7:38 am
signatures of command and control, that there were people who knew what they were doing in terms of using weaponry, in terms of operating in attack mode. so probably there's an opportunity there for the two ideas to kind of meet, that okay, this is why we thought it was what it was, and this is why it changed later once the second attack began. >> the timing of that film, if you will, that showed mohammed in a bad light, i mean, that happened. that really happened. that came out, was translated around that time. could all those things have been coincidence? >> well, i don't think it was -- well, could have been. but, you know, regardless of what the circumstances were that brought all this to bear at the same time, the marines were in yemen. they were dealing with hot spots there. egypt, there are situations in egypt that had to be dealt
7:39 am
with. there were situations all over the middle east popping up because of this film. so whether or not the forces that were engaged whether or not they knew this film was coming out and decided let's use this date to get in with the crowd and make this look like an out-of-control protest, but at the same time have something serious going on or not, i don't know whether they thought that or not but it did happen that way, and the real question that has to be answered on the hill today, if this does happen, how well prepared are we to deal with it? >> very interesting. also heating up is israel, the fighting there. we're out of time. what's your headline here? >> schools are closed there, people are being told to stay close to home. when they hear the air raid sirens, to move quickly. this is just continuing to
7:40 am
grow. >> jj green, wtop, national security expert. i'm going to say expert. you may say correspondent. we'll be right back.
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we're back with your look at what's upcoming new and note worthy for the week of november 19th, 2012. monday, november 19th, d.c. city council chairman continues hearings into the closing down of school buildings by d.c. public schools. hearing starts at 2:00 p.m. tuesday, november 20th, the senate committee on homeland security and government affairs considers the nomination of robert okun at 2:30. wednesday, november 21, the electric vehicle association of greater washington holds its monthly meeting looking into ways drivers in the capital region can expand use of evs. it starts at 7:00 p.m. thursday, november 22nd, the washington national cathedral
7:44 am
will conduct its annual thanksgiving service. that starts at 10:00 10:00 a.m. friday, evening special presentation at the world war ii memorial from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., telling the history of the memorial and the war it commemorates. that's your capital rundown for the week of november 19th, 2012. you'll find us on and our twitter hashtag is capitalrundown. i'm tom fitzgerald, see you next week. cold start to your day again. cloud cover overnight. couple of sprinkles south and east of the city. later this morning, sunshine. beautiful. >> yay! >> by afternoon, close to perfect. even warmer than yesterday. 39 in manassas. 41 leonardtown. 43 in washington. one or two sprinkles and cloud
7:45 am
cover at the moment. that will push off to the east and high pressure will dominate our weather today and tomorrow. bottom line, cool for this time of year, but with lots of sunshine and temperatures back into the mid-50s it should feel better than it has the last couple of days. certainly more sunshine than yesterday. here's your accu weather seven- day forecast, saturday and sunday just fine, partly sunny sunday afternoon for the big games around here. early next week, if you're traveling monday through wednesday now look dry. that's good news. thursday looks sunny and bright with highs in the mid- to upper 50s. thanksgiving will cooperate, too, for all the football games before the big meal. >> what a deliverer of good news you are. >> yeah. >> that's a fun tradition, being outside playing football. thank you, sir. >> julie wright is standing by with a look at your traffic. >> allison, i'm wondering, since tony already owes me a
7:46 am
pie from last year, if we're going to make a bet this year. >> i think you have to raise the stakes a little bit. not just two pies, either. like something else. >> really? >> i'm placing no bets regarding the redskins. >> there you go. >> because he's still in debt from last year. all right, you guys, here's what i know, police activity portion of randolph road east of connecticut avenue, reports of a pedestrian involved in an accident. no issues south on 95 and 295 out of laurel. 66 below speed at 38 miles per hour leaving manassas, and again from fair oaks toward nutley street, 21 miles per hour. lanes were opened earlier. definitely slow eastbound, 21 miles per hour inbound to the capital beltway. stalled car inbound on the douglas bridge tying up the main line. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic.
7:47 am
thank you julie. hey, get this, comedian stephen colbert will be at madam tussaud's in the district today to unveil a wax statue of him. he even donated his own clothes to dress the statue. the unveiling is at 11:30 this morning. does john stewart have a statue? >> i have to look it up. that's amazing if -- because if you don't remember, he used to be one of the correspondents on the jon stewart show and got his own show. >> good for him. that's great. >> i'm waiting for you to go in, tony. i'm going to be there. >> keep waiting. a family fun event to get you into the holiday spirit. >> holly good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. it's never too early to start thinking about decorating your christmas tree, especially when you talk about christmas trees decorated for good causes. that's what the junior league of northern virginia's enchanted forest is all about.
7:48 am
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alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ ♪ hmm these smell amazing, too bad the guys aren't here we're clear. ok, swarm! swarm! hello [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. let the making begin
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♪ there you go. there's the list. just in time for the holidays, there are new toys selected for the national toy hall of fame. star wars action figures and dominoes beat out plastic green army men, the board game clue, the magic 8 ball, sidewalk chalk, and twister. >> magic 8 ball knew it wasn't going to get in. >> am i getting in? the answer is no. the toy hall of fame is at the strong museum in rochester, new york. to date, 49 toys have made the cut. each must be widely recognized
7:52 am
and foster learning and creativity. you know, those are high standards. back in the day, some toys weren't interested in fostering learning. >> the cardboard box you told me is in there. >> that's in there. >> takes imagination. before you start trimming your tree, might want to check this out. junior league of northern virginia hosts its 12th annual enchanted forest. >> it includes plenty of fun for kids plus more than 130 decorated trees up for auction and the proceeds benefit local charities. holly morris is there now, always a beautiful sight to see and she joins us live from falls church. >> we're talking about you, holly. >> reporter: you were? i was going to say, are you talking about the trees or me? >> of course you. >> reporter: you can't help but feel more beautiful amidst these trees. this is only a quarter of the set up this week. it will get you in the mood for christmas and for giving.
7:53 am
that's the most important thing. candace bennett is the president-elect. good morning to you. merry christmas. >> good morning, holly. >> reporter: with this, let's talk a little bit about the enchanted forest for people who aren't familiar. >> this is our 12th annual event and basically it's a combination of events. this is a forest, which we are themed trees. 130 this year. they're up for sale on auction. and we have children's events, including breakfast with santa and the children's science center will be here. >> reporter: when you talk about the trees in particular, like who decorates them and why the different themes? >> it's a combination. we have a lot of members who decorate them and we have a lot of local businesses that also contribute trees throughout the forest. >> reporter: it's a silent auction, so people can bid on them. the money from that goes to support the programs the junior league supports? >> that's correct. leadership and development programs as well as our local charities. >> reporter: they have all these wonderful trees and lots of events we'll talk about more
7:54 am
later. they have amazing vendors that will be out here, so you can get many of your holiday shopping gift items crossed off your list. through it all the whole point, really, is the community outreach. it's what the junior league does best. holly riley is the education enrichment share. good morning to you. merry christmas. >> thank you. >> reporter: let's talk about the community outreach. >> we do programs in the community that reach thousands of children in dozens of events throughout the year at local family homeless shelters, title one schools, health fairs and other events. >> reporter: you have special shelter trees which is one example of how you help. >> we do. we have trees that will be going to different shelters. every item on the tree will go to a homeless man who has just found a home. >> reporter: that's great. >> another tree, all the items will go to abused women and children in loudoun county. >> reporter: if you come here and bid on one of these trees, then the money not only goes to help that shelter but the
7:55 am
actual tree itself goes to the shelter as well. if you're looking at all of this and look, everyone is just silent and in awe and listening to everything i'm saying, i hope you're listening at home as well, and are going, i want my tree to look like one of these. this is lillian and alicia jones. they say they're mother, daughter, but i think you could be sisters. >> pretty much. >> reporter: we'll talk about your night cream later. first of all, i want to get quick tips on how to make your tree look this amazing. >> one thing, we start -- you normally start from the top and go down. you go with the larger items on the outside. but i start normally with the small and kind of make a little larger, soft onments. the delicate things put on at the end so they don't fall off. we have the ribbon, you can go with various colors for a little sparkle, little, you know, pizzazz. i usually put that on
7:56 am
afterwards. see here with the lights and trees. then we put, i'll put gifts sometimes it's nice to wrap empty boxes just to entice people. you know children. >> reporter: oh, yeah. i love this tree, because it makes me want to sing, oh christmas tree and god bless america at the same time. these are two military wives, so thank you. >> military daughter. not married yet. >> reporter: military daughter and wife. i want to thank you both, because you served as much as your dad and husband. mom knew what she was doing. >> if you don't know how to decorate, you can spruce up your tree with anything fun pick a theme, favorite movie, you can add lights, also fun hats or toys. or you can add pictures or if you went to the beach that summer, feel free to hang on -- >> reporter: my gosh, i have the best idea of all. you two come decorate my tree. >> we're there, done.
7:57 am
>> reporter:, we have a link to the junior league, the event, the enchanted forest is this saturday and sunday here. we're going to have more junior league coming up in our next hour and more news after the break. you're watching fox 5. stay with us.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
the man at the center of a personal scandal find himself front and center in one of the biggest scandals facing u.s. security abroad. general david petraeus testifying now about the attack in benghazi. >> here at home, a bell way boost and don't we need it? driving one busy stretch of the road in northern virginia is about to get easier, if you are willing to pay a little extra. >> and is it the end of the line for twinkies and wonder bread? we're following the future of hostess brands. good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> they're alison seymour. it's a shame, though. >> if they go under yeah,
8:01 am
there's a labor dispute. the company is having financial trouble and they're saying they're shutting down. >> i'm hurting inside. >> we'll talk more about. >> i'm going to buy a lot of hostess now. the good news is -- >> they last forever, yes. >> yes, i can eat them for years to come. let's get to the satellite radar. >> that's the problem with the brand. >> i don't see it as a problem, allison. cloud cover moving through. to the west clearing skies and the clouds will soon be out of here. mostly sunny later. most what you see there not touching the ground. one or two sprinkles in southern maryland and eastern shore here early. all this quickly out of here. we'll be in for a mostly sunny afternoon and warmer mid-50s for highs. 44 currently in washington. 30s at dulles. 38. 40 at bwi marshall. here is your forecast today, little bit of cloud cover here
8:02 am
for the next hour or two. then mostly sunny by afternoon. dry friday. 53 at 5:00 p.m. high of 54 55. about 5 degrees warmer than yesterday. should feel better with the sunshine. >> thanks, tuck. now let's check in with julie wright for a look at your on time traffic. >> on the roads now we have hands full with an incident downtown. this is inbound south capital street headed for the douglas bridge. avoid the right lane. 295 below speed continuing northbound. lanes open eastbound on 66 but below speed and in the thick of it traveling east of fair oaks to nutley street. 14miles per hour headed east of fair oaks to the capital
8:03 am
beltway the beltway slow leaving annandale. southbound 95 and 295 in the clear. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. turning to the developing conflict in the holy land. another air raid this morning in israel's capital and missile defenses in tel aviv are hitting rockets fired from gaza. over 100 rockets were hit. but another 300 got through killing three israelis in the last couple of days. this morning israeli tanks are on the border of gaza preparing for a possible ground war. israel launched 150 air strikes on hamas militants, killing 20 palestinians since wednesday. the former director of the cia has arrived on capitol hill to give testimony. >> general david petraeus is
8:04 am
not talking about the sex scandal. he's attending classified hearings about the attack on in benghazi that led to the death of the american ambassador to libya and three others. he might be able to give more details about what happened. >> director petraeus went to tripoli. he interviewed many of the people, as i understood it, that were involved. so the opportunity to get his views i think are very important, is very important. >> three days after the september 11th attack, petraeus testified that it was sparked by a flash mob. petraeus will appear first before the house intelligence committee and then its senate's counterpart. tony? president obama will meet with bipartisan leaders of congress this morning to discuss the fiscal cliff. he's pushing for a plan to cut the deficit that will include tax increases on the wealthy. after the meeting, he is set to
8:05 am
meet with several civil rights organizations and other advocacy groups to get their input on fixing the economy. we have an update now to an amber alert that we've been following all morning. 18-month-old alexis rose carwile and her mother, jennifer carwile, were found safe early today in prince george's county. alexis was first reported missing yesterday afternoon from halifax, virginia. police say the two were with this man, eric eugene black. he was arrested around 4:30 this morning south of richmond on i-95. carwile and black were supposed to hand over the child to social services this morning. another big story we're following, an event honoring military veterans ends tragically. a collision between a train and a parade float in texas killed four people. 17 others were hurt. marianne rafferty with more now. >> reporter: a deadly accident on the streets of texas.
8:06 am
police say a train collided with a float thursday afternoon in midland. it was carrying u.s. military veterans and their spouses. >> i saw the truck crossing the tracks about halfway across the gate started coming down. the truck tried to blow its horn to get the other people in front of him out of the way. the gates actually hit the first people on the trailer. >> reporter: the union pacific train hit the float as it was being pulled across the tracks. a spokesman for the company says the train was sounding its horn and adds the crossing gate and lights were working at the time. but one witness says otherwise. >> the thing from the -- >> crossing -- >> yeah, crossing guard, it didn't go ding ding, ding to let you know. i don't know if it's because of electricity around the neighborhood was off about 20 minutes or 30 minutes. so for people to know that the train come by, they didn't even know nothing, because, you know, it was too late. >> reporter: the parade was
8:07 am
supposed to kick off a weekend of events including a banquet and hunting expedition. they've now been canceled. >> we'll be looking at something else later in a way that we can benefit the families of those who were injured or were killed, and we will proceed with that. >> reporter: local police along with the national transportation safety board are investigating. marianne rafferty, fox news. a student found not guilty on all count of murdering her roommate. simpson says she complained to university officials about frazier several times before the stabbing incident. d.c. high school principal is on leave today as she faces serious charges of taking part in a fight at a homecoming game.
8:08 am
thelma jarrett and two other coolidge high school employees are accused of attacking a former staff member. the victim says it happened after the football game earlier this month. jarrett is charged with simple assault. local investigators want you to take a look at this picture. it shows the suspect in a frightening assault last week at a northern virginia library. police believe this man followed a 17-year-old girl into the women's bathroom at thomas jefferson library in falls church and assaulted her. the girl screamed and the man took off. contact police if you recognize the suspect. well, we are approaching a historic day for the beltway. starting tomorrow, the 495 express lanes will open in virginia. >> to use them, you will have to pay a toll or have a minimum amount of passengers in your vehicle. fox5's sherri ly has everything you need to know, and she joins us live from tysons corner. if done right, a lot of people will be happy. >> reporter: i think so, allison. i can tell you i know a few
8:09 am
people who will be willing to pay to get into the express lanes. this morning we've seen a number of test cars going back and forth in the express lanes. we have crews putting finishing touches on things. those express lanes run for 14 miles from springfield to the american legion bridge. and starting late tonight or early tomorrow morning, drivers will get to test it out for themselves. drivers will pay based on how many cars are using the express lanes and how far they travel. the average trip is expected to cost five to six dollars during rush hour, but could be higher. you will need an e-zpass to use the lane. carpoolers with three or more people can use the lanes for free, but will need an e-zpass flex transponder which has a switch that allows hem to avoid paying the toll. prices based on congestion, so the more cars using the lanes the higher the price and to limit the number of vehicles and keep traffic moving. >> before every entry point you'll see prices signs. the bottom price on the sign is
8:10 am
the maximum you could pay to go the further rest from that point. that's your most accurate price. but there are pricing tools on the 495 express lanes' web site. >> reporter: the test will come during rush hour on monday morning. but this is sort of a soft launch. it will give drivers a chance to get used to the lanes, all the entry and exit points along the way over the weekend before they begin to hit the road for their commute monday morning. the goal, we're told, with that congestion is to keep traffic moving in those express lanes at a constant 45 miles per hour or more. a big difference from that bumper-to-bumper traffic a lot of people find themselves stuck in. that's the latest here in tysons corner. back to you. >> sherri, thank you very much. a man who spent years behind bars for murder is cleared by dna evidence. but even out of jail, he is still fighting for his innocence. >> coming up, our paul wagner
8:11 am
with an exclusive report on how two of the jurors who convicted the man are now helping him. >> and next, breaking news concerning hostess, the twinkie cupcake and bread maker makes a devastating decision about its future. it's 8:11 now. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] jay likeses it when his mobile phone helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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[ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. welcome back. the district of columbia wants to close 20 schools that have low enrollment. last night families passed a city council hearing to speak out. the school's chancellor said the closures and consolidations are necessary to focus on academic achievement. on capitol hill today, a house committee holds a hearing to review the airport authority which manages reagan and dulles. this after an audit questioned the way in which the authorities hires contractors and spend money. transportation secretary ray lahood is among those scheduled to testify. bad news for hostess.
8:15 am
it announced a short time ago it will begin to shut down operations after asking a bankruptcy court for permission to close its doors and sell off its popular brands. the company says this is all the result of a strike involving bakers who claim their new contract cuts wages and benefits. hostess says 18,500 workers will be laid off. unfortunate. >> we'll be following that story. let's switch gears now, check in with tucker barnes. he's got -- >> i know. you are -- i've never seen you eat a twinkie. >> we don't have them in the snack machine. >> took them out of the building. yeah, they did. we've had many ho hoes together, haven't we? >> we have. ding dongs. >> okay, okay. let's move on. time for my first 5 photo of the day. we all need a pick me up. >> that's me when i was little. >> it is?
8:16 am
>> kind of what i looked like. >> were you that cute? >> not quite. >> this is roman levi taylor of greenville. >> adorable. >> what a great picture. smile on the face. >> look how little he is really. >> isn't that great? that's great. >> adorable. his aunt sent in this photo of him taking a bath in the sink, as we can see. >> that ought to be their christmas card. who will have a bad day looking at that? >> she tells us, i guess fairly common, early riser. read between the lines. they're watching us at 4:00 a.m. >> great picture. >> how sweet! >> i love his name. >> that is a good name. >> great head of hair, too. >> yeah. that's great. >> go to and click on mornings. we love your picture. >> he may never know the joy of a hostess cupcake. >> we'll have to save him one,
8:17 am
tony. it's our job to buy them up while we can. take a look at what's happening out there. 44now in washington. it's plenty cold across much of the area. 30s to the north and west of town currently. 31 in pittsburgh. 30 columbus. 38 in new york city. couple of showers south and east of washington. lower eastern shore pushing across the bay. most of what you see there is not touching the ground. much of the activity is offshore east of ocean city. notice just to the west we're getting clear skies and that will move in very soon. if you're watching just to our west out towards gainesville, or out in virginia, you probably are getting in on the sunshine. the rest of us will see it shortly. mostly sunny afternoon and a nice start to the weekend. highs today warmer with the sunshine into the mid-50s. most of your weekend should be nice and dry as well. next seven days, actually looking pretty good here, as we turn the corner to thanksgiving
8:18 am
week. accu weather seven-day forecast, 54 today. saturday and sunday fine. partly sunny and 53 sunday for the skins and d.c. united. temperatures in the 50s, close to 60 by thanksgiving day, with sunshine. let's do some traffic and get the latest from julie wright. i like the purple. looking good today. >> oh, thank you. i was wondering if you and tony ever shared a ho ho together. >> well, we would share a package. never shared an individual ho ho together. not like that. [ laughter ] >> this segment is done. [ laughter ] outer loop of the beltway, delay from university boulevard around georgia avenue, all lanes open inbound 50 before the beltway. stalled car cleared and lanes open again. eastbound 66, tapping the brakes through centreville. slowest trip is eastbound from
8:19 am
the fairfax county parkway to the beltway. about 34 minutes and it's with all the lanes open. southbound 270 no incidents reported. from 85 to rockville, better than what it has been. now 41 minutes and lanes open, easy commute on the beltway traveling across the american legion bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. julie, thank you. 8:19now. a man convicted of murder is cleared by dna evidence. but now he has to fight to restore his innocence. he was convicted of murdering a cabdriver more than 30 years ago. his conviction has been overturned, but he yearns for real innocence. a certificate signed by a judge that would allow him to sue for restitution. two jurors in the case are on his side. paul wagner has more. >> reporter: when he went on trial more than 30 years ago, susan was a member of the jury. she and 11 others found enough
8:20 am
evidence to convict him in the murder. >> i certainly remembered feeling that the evidence was so strong, it was scientific evidence as it was presented, that it was enough for us to question his alibi. >> reporter: in fact, an fbi agent told the court there was a one in 10 million chance the hair did not belong to the suspect. susan remembers careful deliberations in the jury room, but was conflicted by her role these years later. >> intellectually i don't feel responsible. i think that it was a thoughtful process in the deliberations and that we made, as a group we made what i think ended up as a unanimous decision, if everyone didn't come along at the same pace. based on what there was that we
8:21 am
were offered. emotionally, i felt terrible. >> reporter: another juror told the court, i remember the other jurors, when we got in the jury room saying if they found the stocking cap with his hair, then he had to be guilty and that was it. that's what the jury based everything on. how else could his hair get in there unless he had the stocking cap on? the u.s. attorney's office is not opposing tribble's request for the certificate of innocence, which he needs for restitution, up to $50,000 for every year he spent locked up. though the judge threw out the conviction, she has so far remained silent on all three motions filed with the court. tribble's attorney with the public defend's service says tribble needs the document because he is jobless and virtually homeless. paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> two other men, donald gates
8:22 am
and kirk ode em who were convicted and exonerated in this case, have received that certificate. a spokesman for d.c. supreme court says the judge could not comment on a pending case. there is incredible new video out there of when hurricane sandy hit the new york city area. we're going to show it to you next. >> also this hour, getting into the holiday spirit a little early with a trip to an enchanted forest. and there are dancers there as well. holly morris will show us how you can take part and get entertained as well this weekend. 8:22. we'll be right back. ♪
8:23 am
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8:25 am
president obama has seen firsthand the damage from hurricane sandy in the new york city area. the president toured hard hit staten island thursday with mayor bloomburg. many people who met with the president yesterday brought up the fact they feel the government's response wasn't fast enough. it is likely little comfort for the storm victims, but an
8:26 am
an analyst says the amount of time they've been doing without power is extraordinary. >> energy department records show it took 13 days for power to be 95% restored in new york. new jersey reached the same level in 11 days. take a look at this, new video coming in, a surveillance camera captured some of the flooding and damage in hoboken, new jersey. more than two weeks after hurricane sandy, the train system is operating under limited service. no word yet on a time line for full restoration. that looks like historic -- >> you saw how high the water was. >> unbelievable. unbelievable video. 8:26 now. it's a friday morning.
8:27 am
a former wnba star who played in the district is under arrest. we'll explain. >> new way to navigate through d.c.'s exciting night life scene. details about a shuttle service that claims to be cheaper than taxis and more convenient than metro. we'll have more on that. we'll be right back. it's 8:27. ah. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes. do you churn your own butter too? what? this is going to give you a head start on your dinner.
8:28 am
that seems easier sure does who are you? [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. five delicious cooking sauces you combine with fresh ingredients to make amazing home-cooked meals. ♪ ♪ ambiance [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. your head-start to home cooked.
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welcome back. a former washington mystics player is facing assault charges. atlanta police say holdsclaw shot into an ex-girlfriend's car tuesday after using a bat to break the windows. no one was hurt of the holdsclaw and the alleged victim, 29-year-old jennifer lacy, were teammates with the atlanta dream in 2009. lacy currently plays for the tulsa shock. prince george's police have issued a silver alert. a 90-year-old was last seen wednesday afternoon at 2:00 leaving her home on eastern
8:31 am
avenue. she was driving a gray 2005 toyota with maryland tags 763bfa. she is in need of medication for high blood pressure, diabetes. if you have information in this case, you're asked to call prince george's county police. in ecuador, some are taking the american democratic party to the extreme by getting a donkey on the ballot. the presidential election there is in february, but the deadline to get mr. donkey on the ballot was thursday. the group tried to register his name. they even dressed the donkey in a tie for the event. but they were turned away from the electoral office. >> what? they were? >> what's this? this makes more sense. this is santa claus, this is santa in his modern day way making his way to tysons
8:32 am
corner. he's on the new toll road. >> santa, the first occupant of the toll lanes. >> pretty sweet sleigh. >> is he driving or somebody else? >> i think somebody else. we've said too much. >> the top was down there. >> nice ride. >> little bit of cloud cover this morning, but mostly sunny here in the next hour or two. and a nice afternoon. very pleasant. not a lot of ind. high temperatures back in the mid-50s. even a little warmer than yesterday. currently 44 in washington. 44 in annapolis. quantico, 44 for you as well. 41 leonardtown. winchester, you are 32 degrees. 31 hagerstown. all of us into the low 50s, i think even north and west close to 50. here in town into the mid-50s for afternoon high temperatures.
8:33 am
satellite radar, radar first, couple of left overshowers across portions east of the bay here, over towards oxford, light shower. upper level disturbance overnight brought a few sprinkles and showers. most of the activity was offshore. clear skies getting close here, working in on 66. i think in the next hour or so, should be sunny across the region and a nice looking afternoon. temperatures will be a little bit warmer than they've been the past couple of days. high pressure off to our north. relatively cool flow here. keeps us dry friday, into your day tomorrow. few clouds sunday with a coastal storm. should be dry for the weekend. 54 the magic number the next couple of days with plenty of sunshine. sunday dry, with partial sunshine in the afternoon. if you're traveling early next week across the mid-atlantic, nice and dry. thanksgiving here upper 50s, with sunshine for the big day. that's a look at weather.
8:34 am
allison and tony, back to you guys. a new boost for d.c. night life. >> it is a shuttle service called the d.c. hopper and it provides transportation with perks. lauren demarco joins us now to explain. nice having you on the morning show. >> great to be here, you guys. this story takes me back to my fun days in d.c. i feel like i'm getting -- >> they're over? >> yeah, i don't know. [ laughter ] >> i really like this. these two guys had this idea and they're making it work. they saw an opportunity and went for it, and there are even popular new technology they're using to make their concept work. let's take a look. >> also when you get there, you're able to skip the line, no cover charge. >> reporter: a hot night on the town with v.i.p. treatment and transportation. >> definitely something people are talking about more and more. >> reporter: the d.c. hopper is the new way to get to and from some of the region's favorite spots to night life. it's a creation of maryland
8:35 am
natives brandon and alex. went to winston churchill high school, local. >> reporter: after turning 21, they became frustrated with the limited transportation available on weekend nights. >> we want to go out and experience other areas, but it wasn't convenient. we'd have to walk to the metro, or get a cab, but couldn't get back, because when we left cabs wouldn't drive us home or the metro would be closed. we wanted a convenient, fun way to get out to d.c. >> reporter: enter the d.c. hopper. it costs $16 each way between bethesda and dupont circle or georgetown. to travel between the two d.c. locations only, it's just 10 bucks. the shuttle runs every half hour on fridays and saturdays from 9:30 p.m. to 3:15 a.m. each driver is armed with an ipad device that swipes credit cards or drivers can pay with the app, square. >> it says slide to pay. >> reporter: it's not a party bus no alcohol on board, but
8:36 am
-- >> we provide water and red bull for free. >> reporter: it's fun and convenient. >> if you're at the bar, you can go on to twitter and check it out. >> reporter: then, look for the hot spot. as far as the specials, about a dozen bars and nightclubs allow riders to skip their lines and cover charges. and the establishments are already noticing extra business. >> hope people get to know this service more, so they can use it and come down to d.c. >> keep in mind the shuttle takes you between night life locations so you'll still need a designated driver or another way to get home unless you live of course within walking distance of one of the stops. allison and tony, they plan on expanding. talks in opening another stop in clarendon. >> so smart. >> they said people kept walking by the stop going, i had this idea, you guys did it. >> these young people now who come up with these ideas and
8:37 am
put it into action. that's great. >> thanks, lauren. >> thank you, lauren. the redskins take on philadelphia sunday. but not before inhouse battle. >> four down showdown, offense versus defense. this one may need some fact checking. we'll explain.
8:38 am
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d.c. united takes the field this sunday for the second leg of the mls eastern conference finals. united fell short in houston last sunday and in order to advance to the finals, united needs to score at least 2 goals more than the other team. kickoff set for 4:00 p.m. at rfk stadium. we wish them the best. it's time for the four down showdown. each week we put a member of the redskins offense against the defense to find out how much they know about the upcoming opponent. >> so sunday it's the philadelphia eagles, and here is fox 5's lindsay murphy. >> reporter: welcome to the four down showdown after the bye week they've had plenty of time to study their philadelphia trivia, right? >> yes. >> reporter: are you going to know any of these answers? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: the defense is up 2 points in this game.
8:41 am
you feel good about your chances? >> well, you know what, i'll take my chances. >> reporter: okay. kirk cousins, backup quarterback is your challenger. how do you feel about getting the offense making up ground here? >> we got ground to make up. i better get it done here. >> reporter: are either of you trash talkers? >> i'm not the best, but i can try. >> reporter: how about you? >> not at all. >> reporter: okay, great. no trash talking is what i guess. first down give me one nickname for philadelphia. >> brotherly love. >> the city of brotherly love. >> reporter: i'll give it to you because it was close enough. >> i come from the midwest, so. >> reporter: i thought everybody knew that. >> i'm the underdog. i got to overcome this. >> reporter: you can do it, i trust you. second down, this line of snack foods is headquartered in philly, tasty cakes, thin mints hostess. >> hostess. >> hostess. >> reporter: negative.
8:42 am
tastykake. >> i was familiar with hostess. >> reporter: which of your teammates is a former eagle? >> chris wilson. >> reporter: no. no. >> for a little bit. >> reporter: not according to the redskins' stats. >> eagle, eagle. >> reporter: he's a special teamer. he's got a good foot. >> savraka. >> reporter: if wilson was, i blame that on daniel. fourth down, rookie quarterback nick folds went to what college? >> arizona. >> arizona. but also went to michigan state. >> but i went first. >> reporter: got that one. you got it. you won. >> too quick for me. >> my personnel report, so it was fresh on my mind. >> little known fact, nick went to michigan state for his freshman year and we were teammates together. >> reporter: we can give you half a point, but you still
8:43 am
lose. >> but i feel better now. >> reporter: one for fun. what round was he drafted? >> second. >> third. >> i lost by half a point. i made it interesting. >> reporter: that's all from the fourdown showdown. >> we did check, and of course chris wilson was a member of the philadelphia eagles in 2011. >> that's always fun. >> yeah. the final installment in the "twilight" saga is all the buzz, because it's now in theaters. >> "twilight" star and heartthrob robert pattinson sat down with kevin mccarthy. >> reporter: santa is my heartthrob. he's making his list, checking it twice and enjoying a live performance as they are gearing up for a wonderful thing going on this weekend. it has to do with christmas trees, live musical performance, vendors, cooking lessons, and all about a good
8:44 am
cause. it's called the enchanted forest. we're going to tell you how you can be a part of this coming up. stay with us. ♪
8:45 am
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alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun.
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love the music. here's one for all you bond fans. a new exhibit at spy museum in the district. it commemorates 50 years of bond movies and the bad guys. holly morris will be checking it out on the show on monday. allison? he plays edward in the "twilight" saga, but he showed a lighter side when he sat down with kevin mccarthy. he told kevin why he thinks his character would be a big hit in another long running franchise. check it out. >> this is one of the most iconic casts of all time. it's going to be one of those for our general races. i was thinking if you could drop this "twilight" cast into a classic film and have them interact with another cast, who would they have the most fun
8:48 am
with? >> can it be a real tv people? >> sure. do anything you want. >> i was going to say girls gone wild. >> how would edward fare in girls gone wild? >> i think it would get him out of his shell. >> you see bella turn into a vampire in breaking dawn, obviously. hypothetically, let's say you transform into human and she never went to a vampire, how differently do you think the story would play out? >> i think bella would lose interest. >> only wants you for your vampire. >> the whole moral of the story. just wants to steal my kid. >> i love the line you say, i have a bad habit of underestimating you. as an actor, have you ever gone into a role and underestimated yourself and after you were done, surprised yourself like wow i did that, that was cool, i pulled that off? >> i never felt like that during an entire movie.
8:49 am
sometimes there are certain scenes which something comes out which you have no idea where it came from. then it's like, the best feeling in the word. >> any particular scene you can remember where you felt that way? >> there was a scene when we were -- when bella dies, i was screamly nervous about. can't cry, can't do anything. and you don't breathe. i think that was one shot where i was like, wow, something happened. i was doing it with a dummy of kristin. i thought that was quite cool. >> thanks, kevin. >> very good. this weekend the junior league of northern virginia hosts its annual enchanted forest. >> with decorated trees up for auction, a sugar cookie soree. >> reporter: i live really
8:50 am
large from now until the end of the year with a name like holly. it's super fun and festive and it's what this event is as well. it's a holiday extravaganza. so much going on you'll want to be a part. they have the trees and this entertainment stage where they are different performers each hour. and yes, it includes irish dancing, which we have here this morning. this is the maple school of irish dance. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> reporter: tell me about your group. >> the maple school of irish dance we are thrilled to be here with the junior league. it's a great fun event for children and for families. we do perform not just st. patrick's day activities, but like to perform at fund raising and thrilled to be part of this group and delighted stephanie invited us and hope to be affiliated with the junior league for years to come. >> reporter: irish dancing is so big in our area, and you can see it. everyone enjoys it. >> absolutely. it's not just st. patrick's day. it's everywhere. since lord of the dance and
8:51 am
riverdance, everyone likes to see irish dancers. >> reporter: how did you first get introduced to the junior league? >> i knew stephanie and she was telling me about the event and i said, i'd love to come see it. i went, my god, i love this event. bring your children. so much fun. >> reporter: i understand you got the designer tree last year. >> i did. it's beautiful. you should see it. i'm hoping to get another tree. can never have too many. >> reporter: a girl after my own heart. since you brought up the designer tree and you brought up stephanie, we're going to check in on both. thank you, thanks for bringing the girls out. doing a wonderful job. without further adieu, here is stephanie smith, and here is monica, the enchanted forest cochairs this year. what a wonderful job you have done. >> thank you. >> reporter: she was telling us about the designer tree she won last year. explain it. >> we always have a designer
8:52 am
tree. we're raffling off the tree of elegance. it's gorgeous, adorned in so many beautiful ornaments. >> reporter: you're raffling it off and that's a separate event saturday night. >> it's our annual gala, 12th year, and it is a four-hour gala. takes place here among the trees. open bar, appetizers and we have casino gambling this year that you can win prizes with your winnings. it's going to be fantastic. >> reporter: that's a separate ticket, right? >> it is. >> reporter: the proceeds go osama obviously go to the junior league and what they support. tell me about the different performances you'll have on the stage. >> in addition to the irish dancers, we have ballet, and ukulele phil. and children of yoga. mr.skip who plays the guitar. and everyone's favorite is the
8:53 am
pirate magic show. he'll be on twice. it's by far everyone's favorite. >> reporter: this is amazing and has grown so much. this is your largest fundraiser, right? >> correct. >> reporter: about how much money do you bring in? >> about $100,000. we've been doing it 12 years. we keep trying to march towards that number and make it stronger. >> reporter: it takes an amazing amount of generosity from a lot of people to pull it off. a lot of this is donated, right? >> it is. we are so blessed by our donors, sponsors, league members people in the community. everybody comes together. it is a labor of love. >> reporter: how is the best way for people to make the most of the event? >> there are so many events to go to, but i would definitely come here. general admission ticket gets you into the forest. you can see the trees, all these -- 130 trees. you can see the performances. you can see the science center room, kids in the kitchen, the craft room. also if you really want to make
8:54 am
it a great time get our premium event. we have cocoa and cupcakes with the fairy princess and breakfast with santa. those take it one step further. >> workshops milk and cookies. >> reporter: your kids won't sleep for a week! come early, stay late. average, how much do the trees go for? >> they range. it's comfortable for everybody. they generally go about $150 to we have some that are upwards of a thousand. and the raffle tree is valued at about $1,500. there is a comfortable range for everybody. they make beautiful wonderful presents. they adorn homes and are gorgeous. >> reporter: thank you so much. is our web site. we have a link to theirs. the 12th annual enchanted forest. twelve dollars will get you a general admission ticket, at the door or through living social. they have cooking, too. we'll talk about that in our next hour. back to you. >> holly, thank you. it is now time to say good
8:55 am
morning to our facebook fan of the day. it is kathy. hello. she says she could really use a lift, as she's looking for work now. kathy watches fox 5 morning news every day and says being the fan of the day will be a great pick me up. >> aww. >> here you go, kathy. we wish you the best of luck with the job search. for your chance to be monday's fan of the day, post a comment below kathy's picture on our page. >> she looks like a kind person in that picture. coming up in our next hour, david petraeus on capitol hill this morning. he is testifying about the deadly attack in benghazi. we'll have an update. >> and all girls, all zeppelin, a tribute rock band to led zeppelin joins us live instudio to talk about their act performing one of the classics, you don't want to miss it. we'll be right back.
8:56 am
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right now at 9:00, behind closed doors general david petraeus giving his account on the september 11th attack in benghazi. sarah is back with that and the one thing he'll likely not talk about. >> in the wake of the petraeus scandal comes the question of authority. how can people gracefully leave their post without taintinig the image of their company or coworkers? a professor at georgetown is out with a new book to explain how to leave on top. >> and better start stocking up on those twinkies and wonder

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